Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Raising the Rogers Brown Stakes, Bursting the Left's Race Tolerance Bubble

Include Tom Bevan over at RealClearPolitics as yet another individual who thinks that the President may advance Janice Rogers Brown as the first black woman to sit on the Supreme Court.

Remember, the left despises her for several reasons, but chiefly because she is a black woman who disagrees with them. And the same crude treatment which Clarence Thomas endured will be the same or worse received by Rogers Brown. Just ask Condi Rice who received treatment that fell so far below that which is acceptable in a civil society that one imagines that the perpetrators would have been tobacco-chewin' men in white robes.

But instead, it was leftist newspaper columnists who were only too happy to portray a woman more educated, more intelligent, more wise, more attractive, more respected, more influential, and more experienced in her field than they could ever pray to be, as a buck-toothed slang-talking buffoon. And Jimmy Carter, a southern man, in a very tasteless move with an unfortunate historical parallel which I don't think he caught until it was way too late, was all to eager to imply that Condi Rice give up her seat at the Pope's funeral so that he could attend. It is unrealistic to think that Carter wished to truncate Dr. Rice because she is black, but it is equally unrealistic to believe that he would have asked the same of Madeline Albright.

So when they say it's not about race (to steal a quote from Dale Bumpers at Bill Clinton's impeachment trial) you can be sure that it's about race. Check the link above for a further link to a Doonsbury cartoon where the ever open-minded Garry Trudeau refers to Dr. Rice as "brown sugar". Very little area for interpretation there.

But digressions aside, the left will see an appointment of Janice Rogers Brown as an act of war, primarily because many on the left hold very racist philosophies, whereby they tolerate blacks so long as they toe the political line. The problem is that in their often uncontrolled zeal, they forget that it becomes much easier for people to see past the mantras about concerns over the judge's qualifications for office.

Probably the best option for Bush is to allow John Roberts, the already media-inoculated Chief Justice nominee to slide through the Senate confirmation process while the Democrat Senators on the left fume and grumble because they are powerless to stop it. And just when their frustration is smoldering as he takes office, Bush can nominate Rogers Brown to replace O'Connor--which will cause much the same reaction among the left as throwing a lit match into a gasoline tank. And much like lemmings to the waterside, the leftist Democrats' zeal will likely drown them before they realize they are in too deep.

After a largely cordial confirmation of John Roberts, notwithstanding the predictably entertaining and hysterical floor speeches by the real moonbats like Barbara Boxer, the hatchet job which the Democrats will deal Janice Rogers Brown will create an embarrassing contrast, the significance of which all but the most moderate among them will miss.

Which will leave the majority of Senate Democrats having opposed all three black nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court, including Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) who was a member of the Senate for the previous two votes for black Americans nominated to the Supreme Court. Just for the record, he voted against both Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas. I likewise do not expect his vote to be "yea" for a Janice Rogers Brown nomination.

It is a scandalous history that these leftists who now lead the Democrat party are writing, and it is one that should be displayed in all its filth for black Americans to see and evaluate on their own.


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