Friday, September 23, 2005

Note To Senate Democrats: Follow Leahy

Senators Kennedy, Kerry, Reid and Biden (among others), take note.

Pat Leahy (D-VT) is nobody I would ever suggest following. He is a goofball. But I think he may have just gotten past the brain freeze from the Ben & Jerry's "special reserve" and made what amounts to a political calculation of such brilliance as to call it nearly Clintonesque. Don't look for many more of these great moments, because this is not a sophisticated man, but his announcement of his intention to support the confirmation of John Roberts and the stated reasons therefor are very clever for a guy who generally thoughtlessly trumpets causes of the unvarnished middle-age hippie sandal-wearing left of his party, leaving the fairly accurate impressions that he is permanently set on moonbat.

Note that I said "stated reasons". The reasons he offers have not the slightest bearing on why he is supporting this vote, but they are nonetheless interesting. He supports Judge Roberts because he is taking him at his word that he won't be a conservative activist. Not that conservative activism is the problem (and I invite anyone to point to a case where "conservative" judges overrode statute and manufactured law from the bench in the modern day), but it sounds good.

But Leahy has probably gotten the fact that Roberts is not the right battle to fight. So far, the "balance" of the Supreme Court has not shifted. But whether it shifts or not is not a real consideration, as it was expected that presidents would appoint judges who agreed with their judicial philosophy. This president believes that judges don't make laws, but rather apply existing law made by the legislature to the cases before them. But tell that to the rest of the Dems who let nothing go.

Had the Dems followed Leahy, they would have some cover to fight a potentially troublesome battle over a more conservative nominee. They would have dealt a gracious pass on a conservative and highly qualified judge to make more legitimate the bloodbath they are longing to fight over a subsequent conservative judge.

But because Roberts refused to answer questions about cases that may come before the court, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg did--more specifically refusing to endorse Roe v. Wade as God-inspired--Harry Reid, John Kerry, and Ted Kennedy have announced their refusal to support him. And it leaves the very accurate impression that the Dems are increasingly wedded to the special interests of the left, particularly such anti-family groups as the abortion and gay rights lobbies, and anti-security groups such as the ACLU, for their lack of support of such anti-terror legislation as the Patriot Act.

This won't help them when they want to get into the mess of O'Connor's replacement. Because they appear to be nothing more than a bunch of sour-grapes old school leftists who haven't figured out that the more they take to the cameras to air their far-out-of-the-mainstream views, the more they hurt their chances to achieve their goals.

Thank God for your enemies, and especially for the fact that they are as stupid as they are.


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