Monday, September 19, 2005

North Korea Comes Around--Again!!

It's time to get excited! North Korea agreed to disarm its nuclear weapons program. In exchange for energy aid and other concessions, which some more pessimistic folks might call "bribes", North Korea has promised to back off of its nuclear program, little by little, as more of the concessions it demanded come in. And I am certain that we can trust the no longer renegade leader Kim Jong Il this time, notwithstanding the last time when he slightly violated a treaty insofar as he disregarded it in toto (except for receiving aid that benefited him while his people were just a little hungry and a little overworked).

And I am certain that the program will remain shut down, at least until inspections discover otherwise, whence we can begin even more talks. Which is why I recommend a very, very, very distant schedule for the resumption of inspections, and for low quality of and limited access for same. Hans Blix would be an ideal candidate to conduct them in that case. I suggest this because it will appear for a really, really, really, really long time that North Korea is really, really, really, really serious about keeping to its agreements. Makes sense.

We have now achieved "peace for our time!"


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