Monday, September 19, 2005

Nagin Needs to Use Noggin

While I understand the importance of rebuilding and repairing New Orleans, I also think that caution is probably the best approach. But Ray Nagin isn't worried about some fairly significant public health concerns.

Once again, we find local government and FEMA at odds. Let's make no mistake--the local government, not FEMA or the feds, is the one in control. People elected Ray Nagin and the City Council (or whatever it's called in New Orleans) to administer the city, including its repopulation. This power is reserved to the locals.

But with power comes the responsibility of properly advising people. And advising residents and business owners to come back to a city that cannot provide reliable power, clean drinking water, functional hospitals or emergency services is a pointless risk. It sounds bold, but it really comes out be something rather stupid.

And while the Superdome and Convention Center were human catastrophes, an epidemic caused by bacterial and other infections from an unhealthy city cannot be resolved by buses, water and MREs.

But I'll say it now: Please spare us the blame game for not rescuing the residents of New Orleans from a disease infested city or from a mayor who didn't think before he acted. The feds are not responsible for the stupidity of individuals who, return with full knowledge of but no respect for the health dangers which may await.


If this is true, then why the heck is he in such a mad rush to have the people come back? And when reasonable people are telling him to pull back the resettlement, including the FEMA regional head and the President, and to make the point, they tell the press of their advice, why did he still shrug his shoulders?

Donald Trump would have fired this guy episodes ago. This is what happens when you elect a guy who has no clue what he's doing.

Elections matter, folks. This is why it's ok to talk politics...


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