Monday, September 19, 2005

How to Know that Hillary is Running for President

First, she's trying to get to the right of Bush on abortion by criticizing his lack of support for "family planning funding".

Then her husband launches a fairly predictable series of attacks on the Bush Administration's handling of Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and other matters. Clinton is definitely intelligent enough to know that his attacks, such as they are, have little real bearing in fact. The Iraq attacks were generalized, offering little insight as to how he would have handled the matter differently. And he knew well that the hurricane comments were little more than silly blame shifting, as Bush had no power to supplant the state and local government (I believe that Clinton has read the Constitution as well).

But then he addresses the biggest issue which will face Hillary next year in her run for reelection to her Senate seat--whether she should pledge to serve her full six years. Janine Pirro (R-NY), her likely opponent, meets her on all social issues, but is a true conservative on tax, budget, defense and terror issues, making her a true threat to Hillary's aspirations. And in response to evidence that New Yorkers want a Senator who will serve out the entire term to which they are elected, indicating that the people of that state aren't as completely dumb as Hillary thinks, Pirro has pledged to serve the entire six years. Bill thinks Hillary should make no such pledge.

Forgetting the elementary conclusion that breaking a campaign-issue promise to her home state voters would be the seminal act of any presidential run of a reelected Senator Clinton and instant ammo for her Presidential opponent, failing to make it in the first place has the same effect. Failing to promise leaves her as a semi-honest candidate but with no real loyalty to the people whom she expects to return her to office, making it clear that the Senate seat is all about her, and leaving her seat largely unattended for almost two years as she campaigns. The other would start her 2008 campaign off with accusations that she is a phony, leaving her with the legendary credibility of her husband. And while I doubt that any of these things would cause her to lose New York in a presidential contest (who are we kidding, it's as reliably Democratic as California and Illinois) she cannot win the election with the cloud of arrogance and dishonesty that followed her for the eight years of her husband's administration.

The other solution, as Dick Morris suggested, would be for her to forfeit the seat. It leaves her without the gloss of being a power-holder as she runs, but it leaves her looking honest, which would be a great asset to someone who desperately needs a veneer of trustworthiness in order to remain viable.

It'll be interesting to see how she worms her way out of this one. But enjoy, as these people are masters at their craft.


But this from Michelle Malkin can't be good news. It's pretty well settled that Cindy Sheehan is devoid of credibility. Only the complete moonbats take her seriously. Unfortunately, those are the very moonbats upon whom Hillary will depend for any Senate or White House run.

I can hear Bill Clinton quoting Darth Vader now: "She may yet be of some use to us." Acknowledge her, acknowledge that the whole WMD thing was a result of sloppiness, with a poorly planned effort to secure the country (it sells infinitely better than MoveOn's repeated failed strategy of "lies" and "blood for oil"), we should pull out and let the Iraqis deal with their own people (another faux mantra, but one that can fly) and everyone will be happy for a photo op. Then she'll be bound and gagged and tossed into a vault at the Clinton Library until December 2008.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeanine Pirro and all you RepubliKKKan Mafia-money-taking scum can look forward to being cleansed from New York.

By the way, do YOU have Page 10?

10:56 PM  

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