Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I am shocked at the news that Kim Jong Il, the benevolent dictator of North Korea has actually backed off of his agreement which was announced yesterday! He wants a light-water reactor, and if he doesn't get it, he will build more bombs. My reaction? Give it to him right away!

Because there is the very real possibility that he won't be happy with just the Sudentland!

In all seriousness, this whole process is hogwash.

Here is a hard and fast rule you can take to the bank: One cannot reason or bargain with ambitious dictators and reasonably expect them to abide by the terms of any agreement they sign.

Here is another maxim: If they kill their own people, they'll care nothing about killing you as soon as they think they can.

And just to clear the air of diplomatic B.S., why does North Korea continue to demand the right ti use nuclear power when part of this stupid agreement involves their receipt of energy assistance? Please. They won't stop making weapons no matter what agreements they sign.

The only way we'll see true peace in North Korea will be the removal of Kim Jong Il. Till then, any agreement with North Korea is so much wasted paper, more useful for covering the floor for puppy training.


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