Tuesday, September 27, 2005

About Time

Bratton he is not. New Orleans is a mess because of the same kind of politics that made David Duke a credible force for the governor's race in Louisiana in 1991. And when one-third of the force flies the coop, that says much about the chielf's leadership, and much about the reliability and integrity of the city's police.

One only hopes that a new sheriff is indeed in town. Because these types do nothing to make major cities safe places.

Note to Nagin: if you have a brain and wish to retain your office after your completely crummy performance before during and after Katrina, please follow the Giuliani script. It may be all you have.

It was not one-third of the officers of the New Orleans police department that left after the hurricane, but one-sixth, or 250 officers of the formerly 1500 member force.


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