Friday, August 26, 2005

Why the Left Hates Bill O'Reilly

The topic of why people hate Bill O'Reilly is probably a tired one, but it still makes no sense to me why folks on the left consider him to be a conservative mouthpiece.

Bill O'Reilly is Bill O'Reilly's own man. And, if you'd like to see what he thinks, check his blog. Note the entry on extremism. He slams both sides. And for the left, it is rare that anyone ever bothers to challenge them.

Take some time and watch Katie Couric interviews. They are mainly a set of softball and transparently leading questions with which she directs those with whom she agrees. Then take those with whom she disagrees: loaded conclusory questions, a barrage of accusations and a cut-off. This has been "the news" for the past thirty years.

But the left considers O'Reilly to be a conservative because he, more often than not, disagrees with their positions on the merits, which is a poor indicator of one's political inclinations. But they hate him because he publicly calls them on their behavior. He is equally harsh on the conservative side when he feels it appropriate, but more than anything, O'Reilly tends to be a pragmatist. The problem with the left is that there is rarely anything pragmatic about their views.

It is very hard for one to morally justify abortion on demand, advancing the gay lifestyle, soft treatment of sex offenders and other criminals, unprincipled pacifism in the face of terror and anti-Americanism. Nonetheless, O'Reilly makes people justify the positions they take. And it all goes back to the "religion and politics" prohibition for polite conversation. The left is unwilling to discuss that which they cannot defend. And when placed in a position where they cannot rationally defend their viewpoints, they get mad. But as with everything left and extreme, they aren't content with anger: these people are haters when they don't get their way. Recall this? Or this? Or this?

Suffice it to say that none of these people are affected by reason. The only thing they would know would be that O'Reilly nailed them, they would take it personally, and presume that he is part of the vast right wing conspiracy.

The past 10 years has been a rough time for the left. No longer do they control the media and no longer is the media's reporting taken completely seriously. With the advent of talk radio and the Fox News Channel, and now the blogosphere, they too must answer the hardball questions.

Bill O'Reilly asks those kinds of questions. And more often than not, leftists who know only mantras, not fact reasons, fall flat. And because of their own inability to provide a reasonable justification for their beliefs, they hate Bill O'Reilly.

Makes sense.


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