Friday, August 19, 2005

What John Roberts Is Facing

RealClearPolitics has a link to an op-ed piece by none other than Ted Kennedy. Uncle Ted may wish to lay off the Wild Turkey before he writes, though, as this article rambles and makes nearly no sense.

The accusations in the article are nonfactual conclusions. And what is interesting is that Kennedy makes an argument that he is entitled to attorney-client privileged documents between himself and the Administration he represented years ago. But why? In their absence, Ted seems more than able to judge Roberts' record. So Ted either wants them for a "gotcha" scene so that he can construct a rickety bridge to the predetermined conclusion he appears to be creating, and/or he has no idea what he is talking about because he has no documents that support the ideologically convenient conclusions he has reached. Ted has dealt with rickety bridges before with unfortunate results, and I expect this to be no different.

But taking his arguments as a whole, disagreements on disability law, individual cases where gender discrimination is at issue, money for education of women, etc (note the part about the girl who was sexually abused--Ted made it sound like Roberts didn't want her to get justice for the abuse it self--very clever, and most assuredly unintentional on Kennedy's part), are complete non-issues.

And it seems as if Kennedy and the Senate left are wanting old advocacy documents to do the Judiciary Committee testimony for Roberts, rather than asking him questions directly. His views on the Constitution are most germane. Whether he would overrule laws because he disagrees with them on a political basis is also. His moral character (is he a heavy drinker [which has not excluded Ted], a cheat, does he pay his taxes, does he abide by the law in his own life?) is equally important. But not what he thinks politically about these nitpicky issues.

Ted needs to lay off the sauce and get his issues framed in terms of facts, not contrived conclusions. Until then, he remains a doddering, irrelevant fool with only petty political disagreements rather than relevant qualification issues vis-a-vis Judge Roberts.


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