Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sheehan's Husband Bails

Cindy Sheehan's party outside Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch has its costs for her. Along with her credibility goes her marriage. Per Drudge's link to Smoking Gun, Patrick Sheehan has filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

Upon reading Cindy's Michael Moore blog post which is linked in yesterday's post's addendum, I can see why. It's not like Cindy could not have seen this coming. Marriages rarely implode over a few months for simple "irreconcilable differences". This stuff brews over time. But rather than stay home and work out her marriage (and possibly the death of her son) through professional counseling, she decided to put "the cause" ahead of the family.

This is midlife SDS. In the 1960s and 1970s, SDS members squandered their education and futures for pro-communist causes, war protests and the like. And here we go again. Any military intervention that is not push-button and over in 15 minutes is another Vietnam. Any hard work we must do is a quagmire. She has a faux "cause" and is willing to sacrifice all that is good in her life for a chance at a reprisal of the Berkeley days. And instead of communing with North Vietnamese government officials (no need to bother with the VC, as the people of Vietnam are now safely and happily under the umbrella of communism), she welcomes people who were human shields in Iraq (read the Michael Moore blog post linked above), supporting the Saddamist regime.

And while I don't care for Ms. Sheehan or her political objectives, there is an element of this that is profoundly sad. She allowed her political ire to blind her to the most important things. Family is more important than "the cause." Because the simple things still do matter. And Cindy Sheehan will get no form of satisfaction from this worthless boondoggle. Bush will not meet with her. He will probably never again acknowledge her. And she will be left emptyhanded--the wasted, shriveled, unsatisfying fruit of her own ill-advised choices.


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