Thursday, August 25, 2005

The MSM on Robertson

The Mainstream Media's reporting on Pat Robertson's classically stupid comments about assassinating Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has not stopped. And I don't care. They are welcome to report on whatever topics they please. But the fact that they are dwelling on the story, says more about them than it does about Robertson.

Robertson is a TV preacher, not a journalist, not part of the White House staff or the Cabinet, and not even a Karen Hughes, Ed Gillespie or Mary Matalin. But if you listen to the tone of the media, they are treating his remarks with the same seriousness as if they were uttered by Don Rumsfeld. But why are they bothering?

Put simply, the media-left are not only bigoted, they allow their ignorance to spill over into their reporting. Which means that they aren't that bright either.

Certainly they are well educated and they can discuss certain issues, but if you listen to the likes of Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Dan Rather, Bryant Gumbel and others, they often argue in terms of liberal mantras which they treat as established truth, not facts. Also, they pigeonhole people by group identification and do their best to enforce the notion that people of a particular kind behave alike.

The media-left is making a big deal of Robertson's remarks and his unconvincing parsing of same because they believe that Robertson, as a "Christian leader" speaks for all Christians. And while media pretends to be a tolerant group of objective intellectuals, they quite simply are uncomfortable with and suspicious of persons with sincerely held religious beliefs, with the exception of those whose "practice" of such sincerely held religious beliefs involves the kind of behavior that would land one in Guantanamo Bay. Put more directly, they just don't like Christians. And part of that dislike is an unwillingness to understand them, and that not all of them are alike.

I am an evangelical Christian. So is Pat Robertson. So is James Dobson, Franklin Graham, Stephen Baldwin, Norma McCorvey (the Roe of Roe v. Wade), Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, former Sen. Zell Miller (D-GA) and allegedly Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson and even Jane Fonda of late (they claim to be Christians...). In short, Christianity is not a monolith. And neither is Pat Robertson the spokesman for Christians. I never really developed a connection with him, mainly because of his style. He has this unctuous, righteous, je ne sais quoi about him that just turns me off. But tell that to a media-left who are more comfortable with reporting by group identification and pigeonholing than really understanding people with whom they disagree.

As far as the MSM is concerned, Pat Robertson speaks for all Christians. Therefore, he also speaks for George W. Bush who is also a Christian. If Pat Robertson says it, W believes it. And as silly as that is, that's why they are making such a big deal of it. And they do it to folks whom they consider to be "owned" in their class of political allies.

They demonize conservative blacks as betrayers of their race, "Uncle Toms," "Oreos" and the like. Of all of Bush's judges for the Circuit Courts of Appeal whom the left screamed most about was Janice Rogers Brown, and her "poison pen." Nope, just a black woman who disagrees with the left more effectively and as vociferously as they do with her--the ultimate insult.

But the point remains the media-left's continuing coverage of Robertson's remarks. He has apologized in a fashion, but who cares? He is irrelevant--for crying out loud, he said God allowed 9/11 because of gays and abortion. This man is not a policy maker, and yet they plaster his inanity all over the airwaves. But what about Cindy Sheehan? The only place I see her covered in anything more than a "mother who lost son in Iraq who wants meeting with Bush" manner is Fox News. She is a radical leftist America-hater who is trying to come on the political scene as a real player, claiming legitimacy because her son died in a war with which she disagrees because she felt we had the terror attacks of 9/11 coming because of our foreign (and even domestic) policy. She is part of the Michael Moore and left, but nobody in the media-left reports that. They uncritically describe her "cause" in the terms she uses with no analysis of her underlying and pre-existing political objectives. And very significant developments like the support she now gets from klansman David Duke go unreported. Probably because they know that it would weaken support for a cause they quietly support by mentioning that critical fact? When one compares the coverage of both stories, the bias is glaring.

The effort to equate Roberts with the rest of Christianity is a failing one, because most folks don't buy the implied one-size-fits-all straw man argument. Because the media-left and their cohorts in the Democratic party are increasingly losing credibility because of this very kind of thing.

Conservatives regularly repudiate extremist idiots who try to join their ranks. Pat Buchanan had his last hurrah in the summer of 1992. It cost the Republicans the White House, but after booting Pat, it didn't really affect the Republicans' base. If anything, it may have made folks in the middle more comfortable with the party. Same with the aforementioned David Duke who was roundly and properly shunned, having never really made it in the door in the first place. The Big Tent isn't that big.

But the Democrats not only refuse to clean their own house, they are letting the moonbats drive the party. Howard Dean is the Chairman of the DNC. Michael Moore gets a seat in the Presidential box at their convention last year next to Jimmy Carter. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Kweisi Mfume wrestle for control of the race-industry side of the party and nobody fights them for it. Dick Durbin compares our soldiers to Nazis, KGB and the Khmer Rouge. Harry Reid calls the President a loser. The ACLU which does its best to eliminate religious practice in America except to the very corners of people's basements is their own personal law firm. They are quicker to defend abortion more than they are to defend their own nation.

So it makes sense that they make a big deal of Robertson's serial stupidity. They don't want to be perceived as the only ones with extremists running the show.


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