Monday, August 15, 2005

More of a Flavor for Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan, the President's unwelcome new temporary neighbor is probably the last person that the radical anti-everything left needs as their poster child.

Powerline has this post, which leads to this and this post at Solomonia. As Powerline notes, this is the same old 20th Century leftist smorgasbord: anti-semitism, doveism, and support for terror, especially Palestinian terror.

And Solomon seems to agree that Sheehan is a shill for the left. He says:

Never underestimate the American people's ability to "get it." Cindy Sheehan is pretending to wish to speak to the President again, but most people understand that she's made it clear there's no point to it.

She lost her son.

That buys a LOT of leeway, but when you use that loss for politics, and you start spouting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and you start saying things that some people feel puts other kids lives at stake, you start squandering that good will and may even start calling down for a bit of tough love.

Let Cindy Sheehan practice her free speech, but please beatify someone else.

Spare us Cindy. We felt terribly for you as a result of your loss. But that doesn't translate into a bully pulpit for you to behave in an arrogant and rude manner and to air all of your political grievances. And it makes the rest of us feel used for having taken you seriously in the first place.


A realy excellent comment below highlights the problem of the left's sense of duty. It's to the revolution, er- message. Cindy is all about radical politics. Her family will come second. Take a look at what she is up to instead.


Anonymous Al Reasin said...

Among what Mrs. Sheehan said at SFU before she moved on to Texas was “this country is not worth dying for” and “we are waging a nuclear war in Iraq right now”. This is beyond a reasonable belief that she is just grieving for her son. That is unless her grief has driven her into a complete loss of what is reality. She is not even responding to the pleads of her son to return home for the needs of her family.

9:21 PM  

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