Thursday, August 11, 2005

Living High on the Devil-Pig

Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammed hates the great Satans of the west. He is an London-based, Syrian Islamist cleric who declared the London bombers of 7/7 the "fabulous four." But he sure as heck likes the British public welfare system. You see, after years of enjoying the food & luxury of the devil-pig infidels, and collecting the equivalent of $700,000 over 19 years in public benefits, he intends to return from a lengthy trip to Beirut for an angioplasty in London.

And then again, perhaps not.

Britain is not the only place with physicians, and the British would rather not pay for the health care of a guy who wants to kill them.

But the funny thing is that the ailing cleric's claims, namely that he is ill and that his safety might be in danger if he went to the Middle East. As the British noted, he was well enough to fly. And one might not miss the fact that Lebanon, to where he flew, is in the Middle East.

Try Paris, Sheik. The food's better.


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