Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Israelis Don't Matter As Much As Palestinians

...and if you don't believe me, look at this. And its comforting to know that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are helping with the move-in. Which is much like evicting blacks from suburban homes so that skinheads and klansmen can make it nice for the Aryan Nation.

The Israeli settlers in Gaza, known also by the less politically-correct term "property owners", are being shoveled out. Some folks are redecorating by setting fire to all of their property, not content to lose it to Palestinians who want them dead. And who could blame them for torching the place? Israel, against all odds has built one heck of a nation with the Palestinians enjoying the fruits of Israeli labor. In this case, no luxury properties will be left.

So what will the result be? Great question. If one believes the diplocracy, the Palestinians will abandon terror and settle down (which makes the above-mentioned continued existence of terror groups a strange way of showing it). And the Palestinians will get their state, and then everyone will be happy. But Ahmed Queria, the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister has a different opinion. Today Gaza, tomorrow Israel. Folks, this isn't stopping. And given that about 80% of Palestinians aren't all that thrilled with the prospect of the very existence of Israel, I can't imagine that this experience will cause them to think better of their neighbors.

And I think the biggest problem is the cost for Israel. People don't give people property. They sell it. There is an exchange. Here, there exists no exchange. Land for promises not to harm. In the parlance of diplomacy, that is a peace concession. But where I come from, we have yet another less than happy term--extortion. And extortionists are not often happy with just one payment. Neville Chamberlain thought that giving Hitler a bone would keep him happy. But Hitler was after the whole skeleton. So are the Palestinians. And they won't stop until a skeleton is all that's left.

And when terrorists are the move-in company, that can't spell anything good.


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