Thursday, August 18, 2005

For Whom Cindy Sheehan Does Not Speak

The left has declared that Cindy Sheehan speaks for all parents of fallen soldiers in the Iraq war, likely because she is also a reflexive leftist. And it seems more and more parents are making abundantly clear that Sheehan does not speak for them. This gentleman takes a very different view. Ronald Griffin, father of Army Specialist Kyle Griffin who lost his life in a truck accident in Iraq on May 30, 2003, feels for Ms. Sheehan's loss, but not for much else she represents.

Like Ms. Sheehan, he will never be "ok" with the loss of his son. But he knows that his son acted heroically for his nation, and he does not want to see the purpose for which his son died to fail. Ms. Sheehan wants to use her son's death to further her political objectives. A son who re-enlisted, knowing that he would likely end up in war. She wants the war ended, and thereby the purpose for which her son died. Grief makes sense, but it does not justify this degree of selfishness.

Nor does this make her loss and grief any more relevant than that of anyone else who has lost a child in war, nor give her any platform to spew her political screed. Jonah Goldberg nailed it with this piece. Her role is that of a mother of a man who died. That does not elevate the value of her political behavior, but rather her behavior cheapens the role of mother.


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