Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Falling On Left Ears

Via Powerline comes this bit of rather glum news for the media-left. Enlistments are up. Way up. Specifically, the divisions which are seeing the heaviest actions are also seeing the greatest amount of recruitment. And in the midst of a war where the aforementioned media are killing themselves to destroy public support for it, that speaks of a remarkable ineffectiveness on their part.

And while Powerline's point, that the media has completely ignored this very significant indicator of the support for America's effort in Iraq (people voluntarily putting themselves in harm's way and away from families for very little in return), notwithstanding polls to the contrary (which require people to do nothing), and focused on Cindy Sheehan's quixotic effort to meet with again, and publicly embarrass President Bush, I think that there are a couple of issues that underlie these observations.

Perceived progress in Iraq is a very significant issue. Whether one philosophically supports the war or not, its actual success is a very different matter. People don't volunteer to be physically involved in what they believe is a losing war, irrespective of whatever incentives are offered. So despite the media portrayal of a second Vietnam for which they so seriously pray (presuming that they would condescend to pray), the people signing up to be part of the war aren't buying. Which implies another matter--people are seeing through the media coverage.

Since Vietnam, we have become accustomed to the media talking down just about every American military engagement. Iraq was called a quagmire within the first week of the invasion in 2003 when we slowed our progress by a day so that supply vehicles could catch up to the front line which was moving rapidly--success was indicia of failure for the media. But their overreaching and overly negative reporting may be having the net effect that they are being taken less seriously.

The good news is that America is more patriotic than its media. And that's an encouraging thought.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without being able to see what the targets were and thus be better able to compare how the 136% re-enlistment rate compares to the 108% overall rate in actual numbers, it does seem to say something that the people who have been there are signing up to go again at a pretty high rate.


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