Monday, August 15, 2005

Environmentalists Hate Roberts Too

While I have my reservations about John Roberts, whose Constitutional allegiance (to the exclusion of political allegiance) is not yet confirmed over a period of years, it's very hard to take a handful of involvements over a lifetime and translate them into a conservative political agenda. But don't count out the wacko environmental left.

The referenced link indicates tangential involvement at best in environmental issues. But these people oppose him because he did not reliably side with them. In other words, he's not in their pocket, so they won't support him. But this argument is pure hogwash.

This is left opposing Roberts whether there exists a reason or not. And the tail wags the dog with their research as the article shows. They are looking for reasons to hit him by twisting unrelated details together, and frankly, these aren't strong bases to say that he is an environmental ravager.

It's fine to dislike the guy simply because he is Bush's appointee, Catholic, conservative, etc. Of course, it's also stupid. But stupid is all most of these people have to stand on.


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