Wednesday, August 31, 2005

At A Loss

I can't bring myself to describe what I am seeing in New Orleans. And I never thought I would see the day when an entire city would be ordered to be evacuated. And I never thought Americans would be referred to as "refugees". It is most disturbing.

The toll in financial terms is astronomical, but we can deal with that. We have a very dynamic economy that will absorb these losses and others will fill in to meet economic needs. We absorbed 9/11, we absorbed the corporate accounting scandals & breakup of companies. And we'll absorb this. We are bigger than this problem.

But the human toll is different. And watching Fox News last night where Sheppard Smith was beginning to choke up about what appears to be the loss of an entire city nearly did me in. It hurts to see people hurting like this. It hurts to see people talking about the loss of loved ones. It hurts to see people's dreams wiped away by a cruel act of nature that neither cared about them nor their concerns.

Part of me wants to slap the people for not evacuating. The precarious position of New Orleans has been known for centuries. It is below sea level and right on the ocean. The warnings were clear. The risks were known. But we are not here to judge why people do certain things. They did nothing bad, they perhaps were too afraid of loss to leave. They did what seemed right. And our job now is just to love them as they are. We are here to lend a hand. Please visit the American Red Cross website and prayerfully consider a donation. My wife and I will be doing it. Please join us.

And please pray for these people. The Almighty is just waiting to hear from us. He wants to be merciful. Let us ask Him to do it.

Because it is also the American thing to do.


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