Saturday, August 27, 2005

Able Danger -- An Embarrassment to the Clintons?

John Hinderaker provides this fairly frightening post which, if true, means that our 42nd President's behavior and that of his toadies may need a much closer look.

Able Danger may have been a danger to Clinton. His dealings with China may have been exposed or in danger of exposure. Recall that the leaks of classified information to the Chinese from Los Alamos (done under the watchful eye of then Energy Secretary, now Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM)) the 1996 campaign donations from the Chicoms, and his generally cozy relationship with the world's largest communist power. Nobody ever got in trouble. But perhaps Able Danger was about to provide all the evidence anyone needed (granted, Janet Reno, or worst Attorney General ever, would have buried it just like the loyal Clinton lackey and she was, bringing it to nothing). So in May of 2000, it was ordered to be shut down. And when the President orders something like that shut down, it's usually done lickety split.

So could our national security have been compromised because WJC wanted to avoid jail and wanted Hillary to win her Senate seat in New York at a time when her victory was anything but certain?

Able Danger is becoming quite the hydra. And it probably will not burn itself out before some Clinton-era folks face some very serious inquiries.

So goes the legacy.


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