Saturday, July 23, 2005

Yesterday's Roundup

I had a wonderful post ready, but lost it when the publishing software failed to operate properly. The joys. In any case, I'll spare you the lengthy rundown, and just give you the thumbnails.

London Subway Part III

The Brits got off easy on Thursday when four separate bombs failed to fire properly in a copycat attack to 7/7, causing no casualties. It exposed breaches in their security which I am certain was properly embarrassing. But their response yesterday was redeeming. They shot a man who was linked to the failed bombings entering the Underground, and running from police. And when they had him cornered, with an overcoat on a hot day, they shot him, as he appeared to be about to do something desperate. The big issue here is that this was London, not New York. The British police don't regularly carry firearms. But this guy got the attention of quite a number of police who unloaded at least five shots into him. It seems the Brits are in the game.

And this says much about the ongoing war on terror. The terrorists are becoming significantly more limited in their abilities. I have tired of hearing from the left that each and every terrorist attack is evidence that the civilized world is losing the war on terror. Such simplistic and fatalistic thought ought to be regularly dismissed out of hand, and the persons speaking of it should be branded as fools. Presuming that casualties are evidence of failure presumes that our efforts both at home and abroad to prevent terror must guarantee a 100% success rate to be legitimate--an impossible and unfair burden. Which further presumes that if they are not perfect that they may as well not be tried at all. Which is much like saying that the Battle of the Bulge was reason for the Allies to surrender to the Nazis, despite the fact that it was the enemy's last significant stand.

Mike Bloomberg - Not A Giuliani

Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, is great when he follows Rudy Giuliani's lead. And he is worthless when he doesn't. To wit, his response to the London attacks. Bloomberg indicated that random searches would be done of people's bags going to enter the subway. To be sure, it presents very real 4th Amendment problems (as that Amendment is interpreted nowadays), but it is a bold approach: searches of people's bags who are using public transportation. But then he threw it away by unnecessarily bending to the anti-security left. He said that he would not tolerate any profiling, thus removing one of the more effective tools of criminal and terrorist interdiction. Because it might hurt someone's feelings.

Let's be really clear. I'd be able to live with having my feelings hurt if I knew that my inconvenience would ultimately lead to a terrorist's capture.

But Bloomberg misses the boat on the issue. All the while a young middle eastern male with a backpack and a long coat scoots by while granny gets frisked. Keep it up. Arrogant, elitist philosophies like that get people killed.


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