Thursday, July 21, 2005

They're Back...

...but then again, they never left. London's subway has been hit once again by terrorists. First things first. The BBC needs to call them "terrorists". That's what we call people in the western world who target civilians rather than challenging the armed forces. They are not properly called "bombers" as the media, and especially the BBC likes to do.

The term "terrorist" carries with it a moral implication. The term "bomber" does not. Many peace-loving countries employ "bombers" as aircraft to drop bombs on wartime enemies. The Allies dropped many millions of them on Germany in World War II. And the result has indeed been a good one. Likewise, the Nazis dropped many a bomb on Britain. Not a good result. And a bomber can be the teenager who drops a cherry bomb down a school toilet for laughs, with no interest in hurting anyone, save the plumbing and the bathroom interior. Bombs are neither good nor evil (although a world with no need of them would be a very nice thing); it's all in how, why and by whom they are used.

These bombs were used by "terrorists". A catchy term that describes people who like to hurt other people by surprise, who cannot possibly fight back. They have no legitimate political goals. They just want you scared into doing their will. That's evil.

And it's stupid to call them anything but what they are, because doing so plays into their game. The leftist media wants to avoid making any judgments about these people by using words like "terrorist". But being so chicken-hearted in the face of murderers is the very kind of quarter that terrorists want. It lends them just the ounce of legitimacy they need. And it paves the way to getting more people killed.

Call them what they are. Because there is a moral component to killing unarmed civilians.


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