Thursday, July 07, 2005

Strategic Errors

The terrorists goofed. The attacks in London, while hideous, hit not too far from where the G-8 summit is being held. The intent was to disrupt the meeting. The effect may be quite different. The leaders in attendance stood together in a fairly short appearance as Tony Blair read a statement of resolution in the face of these attacks. The leaders looked pretty resolved. Which is where the mistake finds its cost.

The point of terror is to scare the hell out of people--NOT to make them mad. Mad people hit back. The problem with this occuring in such proximity to these leaders, and with the goal of disrupting their efforts, may indeed have the effect of steeling all of them. Remoteness often engenders complacency. The fact that this happened around the corner will create a significant degree of personal involvement for each of these leaders.

And you don't want world leaders with cash mad at you.


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