Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Senator Mensa

Elisa over at Boxer Watch posts this little item which confirms what we already knew well enough to suspect. The Dems are planning a filibuster of anyone who is no pro-abortion.

And like the little pre-schooler who can't keep a secret, Senator Mensa, Barbara Boxer (D-CA) spilled the beans.

To open her mouth in such a way indicates that the Senator is about little more than abortion, which should be equally not surprising. But note Elisa's salient points: Boxer assumes that the point of the Supreme Court is to sanction and then protect a right to abortion. Elisa's comments about other issues facing the court, however, presume that the senator is able to comprehend them.

Boxer is profoundly obtuse. She will not understand complex and age old issues such as land use and property rights. She does, however, understand what can be termed "women's issues" in terms of talking points. She regurgitates them on the talk shows (or else writes them on her arm, which may explain why she sounds better in short sleeve weather). Because that's all she is. Abortion is not an issue which all women or families find relevant to them, but someone as hopelessly doltish as Barbara Boxer can't possibly grasp that concept.

This was a very destructive disclosure for Sen. Mensa to make. Her party leaders must be gagging with fury, as this kind of disclosure detracts significant legitimacy from their feigned righteousness on the judicial issue. The filibuster will now be viewed in light of NOW and NARAL. And it shows that abortion is the only real issue these people care about. Good for them. The abortion party.

And we have Sen. Mensa to thank for it. Is there a village in the Bay Area that has lost its idiot?


Blogger Gary Gross said...

What's equally telling about Sen. Mensa's intelligence level is that she's dictating to the 'Gang of 14' what the document that they signed but she didn't, means. She can huff & puff all she wants but it's this 'Gang of 14' that dictates what is or isn't extraordinary circumstances are. To her, it doesn't matter that Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska has already stated that having a conservative ideology isn't an extraordinary circumstance & won't be allowed as a reason for filibustering.

Someone should tell Sen. Mensa that dumb & irrelevant is no way to go through life.

10:28 PM  
Blogger Elisa said...

Dumb and irrelevant...yet she keeps being reelected. We have 5 years to find a viable candidate to run against her. Maybe someone who will actually campaign this time?

8:39 AM  

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