Friday, July 29, 2005

Rosie O'Donnell - The Queen of Mean

Rosie O'Donnell could have rivaled Oprah. The "Queen of Nice" was someone who got the attention of soccer moms across the nation. Yes, it was believed that she was probably a lesbian, but people put that aside, because she seemed to be pulling an Elton John or Freddie Mercury: her lifestyle was her own business and she did not make it America's business. She was about being "Rosie" not Rosie the lesbian.

And then things changed. She was abusive to guests, most notably Tom Selleck (whose presence makes most of her audience swoon), and putting her sexuality on her sleeve. The Queen of Nice title quickly was replaced, almost overnight with the Queen of Mean.

And with good reason. Take a look at this post from Michelle Malkin who minces no words. Rosie and her unlucky lesbian lover had a child, and the mother was nursing the baby. Until, that is, Rosie had her say. She didn't like the fact that the baby was bonding to the mother and not to Rosie. So Rosie demanded that the mother stop. To use her own quote on the topic, "I'm like, 'You've had your limit, honey, no more!'" Rosie demanded that the baby stop the best kind of feeding around so that Rosie could benefit to the baby's detriment. Selfish, obnoxious, and shameless.

And think about it this way. What if a creepy father demanded that his wife stop breastfeeding because he didn't want the baby developing an attachment to the mother but rather to him, and demanded that she bottle-feed? Women everywhere would be up in arms. Issues of choice, matters of gender politics, and the character of the father would be dragged out and dissected, with the father being the ultimate loser. So why not here?

Does the fact that Rosie is also female negate the issue that she cut off a baby from her nursing mother? Does the fact that she is a belligerent and noisy liberal gay insulate her from criticism for such proud and boorish selfishness? Do her wants trump the needs of the mother and baby?

The double standard is striking. A baby's needs come second to an obnoxious, self-righteous liberal woman. But it's been that way since Roe anyway.


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