Saturday, July 02, 2005

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in an effort to make a backhanded suggestion that the inmates at Guantanamo Bay should be released, declared the Afghanistan War over. why? Because prisoners of war are routinely released at the conclusion of war. Given that the war is "over" it's time to release these chaps.

It's comforting that the Democrats' leader in the House is advocating for terrorists. Lending yet more credence to the belief that the Dems are patently soft on terror.

But moving beyond that, I suppose that the downing of a Chinook helicopter this week in the Afghan mountains, killing 17 U.S. servicemen, was an accident. I presume that the pilot erred by banging his helicopter into an innocently flying surface to air missile.

But presuming that the war was indeed over, these folks aren't Afghan soldiers. They're Saudis among others. They are the soldiers of no nation. They are actors in the war on terror. And that war is quite far from over.

Congresswoman Pelosi is more a friend to the enemy than to her nation. The reason? She doesn't like the guy leading it. And if it was Al Gore leading the nation doing the same things as Bush, I have to wonder if she and her ilk would be raising such a stir.

And if the Democrats had the same national security record as Republicans, perhaps they would also have some credibility on the national level.


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