Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reasons Why People Get Hurt

Imagine it's 1980, opening day for The Empire Strikes Back, and I walk up to eager moviegoers in their costumes, fighting with lightsabers, etc., and announce the following in a dark, deep voice "Luke, I am your father!" Such a person would very rightly deserve a violent beating on the spot, to the point of death.

Mancow this morning on Fox & Friends blew the end of the book. I will not do so here, nor will I give any details, other than the fact that at the halfway mark, the book is excellent.

Mancow didn't need to say anything, yet he did just to be a complete jerk. So I recommend that Q-101 who plays him experience lighter ratings this week. Turn the guy off as a listener-imposed blackout until Wednesday of next week. It's the least we can do for such a class act.


Steve Doocy just e-mailed me with apologies. Clearly they could not anticipate that Mancow would be such a complete clod and reveal the ending of the book. But he made fairly clear that nobody at Fox & Friends was too happy about it either.


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