Saturday, July 02, 2005

Needing to Know...An Excellent Point

An anonymous submariner submitted a comment below about the facts of Guantanamo and Terry G.'s unwillingness to be convinced in the absence of the full brief on the Gitmo interrogations and the fruits of them.

His illustration about a stupid member of Congress talking about the depth capabilities of U.S. submarines in World War II and the Japanese response to it by changing the detonation depth of their charges is a literal example of loose lips sinking ships.

The details won't get to the noisy folk who complain about human rights. That cry is not a trump card where national security is concerned. But you can know that it works for several reasons. We have not been hit again since 9/11. If one believes that the absence of new attacks has something to do with al Qaeda making a one-time statement on that day, then such a person is seriously deluded. Our ability to interdict cells and locate major operators in al Qaeda is further evidence. These guys have the goods. We're getting it out of them.

The details will be revealed at some other time. For now, loose lips can sink ships. Let's not tip off the enemy that we know he's there.


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