Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It's No Fun When The Left Gets Predictable

I posted last night about the hysteria that the left was engaging in over an individual who ended up not being nominated. Here was the People for the American Way post on Clement. "Confirmed Judges Confirm Our Worst Fears". Hysterical enough. But then they post this on John Roberts. (As an aside, whoever writes this stuff for PFAW is pretty simple. It is more of a sneering assessment of the judges, not an intellectual discussion.)

Who are they kidding? There is nothing genuine about their concerns. This is a fill-in-the-blank opposition. All they needed was a name. It reminds me of the anarchist protesters who often show up at World Bank, IMF or G-8 conferences and bring with them blank placards so that they can write in the "anti-" du jour.

Similarly, the left is anti everything Bush. And it's really not fun anymore, now that they are so easily led and predicted, as they were by the White House last night when they prepared a tirade against a judge who ended up not being the nominee. But it did prove an important point. They had dossiers ready on anyone that the president might appoint. They predetermined that they would not be happy no matter who was appointed. And it says very little for them that they have become so cynical.


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