Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Is The White House Playing Games?

Ok, so we thought we'd be dealing with Edith Clement, but is it possible that we could be dealing with Michael Luttig? He was spotted with his family in D.C., which is strange, given that he lives near Richmond. Also, John Robert might be the pick, as there may have been an instruction to gather the data on him...

I have no idea. But this hubbub means something.

The White House let us sit on the idea that it was Clement for some time. Just long enough for silliness like this, and this to take root. Why? To show that the left was going to oppose just about anyone. They were waiting for a name. They had the script ready. How stinking phony.


My bad. I pulled a typo correction in the first line. The correction was to the word "dealing", from some wierd typo I let get through.


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