Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is Judy Miller Covering for Joe Wilson?

Joe Wilson, ambassador and boob, called on the President to fire Karl Rove for blowing his wife, Valerie Plame's, CIA cover. I'm sure the President took note of the comments.

But the statute that the Democrats allege Rove has violated probably doesn't apply. Rove would have to have intended to blow her cover, know that she is a covert operative, and know that his comments were blowing such a cover. The story is that Rove mentioned, after a reporter said that CIA Director George Tenet preferred Joe Wilson for the Niger uranium job, that it was likely his own wife who works at the CIA who advanced him. Lots of people work at the CIA, very few have covers. But the Dems care not. They want the head of the guy who has thrice humiliated them, as that was his cardinal offense.

But that's not the interesting thing. John Podhoretz has a series of comments over at The Corner that are must reads. (thanks to RCP for leads to all posts). The posts, here, here, and here, are worth the read.

The net is that Joe Wilson, who was caught in a series of lies after writing an unbelievably self promoting book (belonging in the narcissist section next to Richard Clarke's tome) or was simply exposed as a partisan fool, may have been the one to "out" his own wife in order to lend credence to his claims that his Niger investigation was serious work being reviewed by the White House.

It is most doubtful that the New York Times would extend protection to Karl Rove that they would extend to say, a more like-minded. They would have exposed him as the source sometime in October 2004 if he was the one to finger Plame, which likely means that the Rove obsession will die fairly soon.

And Joe Wilson's rather boisterous and blustery protestations, usually the prelude to another public embarrassment for him, may indicate that he's the target. He won't get in trouble because he likely did nothing illegal either, but it will be the end of any remaining credibility he may at some point have had after his book proved to be a joke.

A fitting end to a complete dolt.


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