Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Is Arlen Specter Stupid?

Jonah Goldberg probably said the best thing ever about Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA). During the Clinton impeachment and after Specter resorted to Scottish law (which oddly enough didn't apply) to cast a meaningless vote, Goldberg said Specter voted "Glenfiddich" (after a nice single-malt scotch).

The unbelievable disloyalty of Specter, who owes his seat (both in the senate and the one at the top of his legs) was discussed by me here, insofar as he immediately turned his back on Rick Santorum (who may have a very hard fight next year to retain his own seat), and the president, by indicating that he was more likely on the side of the Dems when it comes to getting judges heard and confirmed.

Dopishness is nothing new to Pennsylvania's senior Senator. He was on the Warren Commission, and determined that the bullet that struck JFK could have zigged and zagged to create numerous injuries between Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connolly. The magic bullet theory. And if one was gullible enough to believe it, it made the impossibly unlikely theory that Oswald was the only shooter possible. Genius.

And the stupidity keeps on leaking out of his mouth. Specter suggested that, despite the fact that Chief Justice Rehnquist has not retired, Bush appoint her to the Chief Justice position. Brilliant. So we replace her, then replace the as yet unretired Rehnquist, then we hold another series of confirmation hearings next year, because we like wasting the government's time by holding yet more rancorous hearings where the Dems will put Robert Byrd's klan hood on any candidate offered by the Administration. A kindergarten child's suggestion. How blitheringly stupid.

But then he suggested that perhaps the courts aren't the only place to find nominees and remarked that at one point Senators were appointed to the bench (by FDR, which started the current era of a politically tinkering judiciary). I wonder which Senators he means?

This man has reached the pinnacle of his usefulness, and it is unfortunate that a man who cannot be trusted to be rational actually has a say in how judges and justices are appointed to the Federal courts.


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