Tuesday, July 26, 2005

'Gating a Presidency

The toppling of Richard Nixon was the high water mark for investigative journalism. They did a good service in rooting out renegade behavior in the White House.

And they haven't stopped looking for their second shot. RealClearPolitics had a piece by Michael Barone which lays out the fact that the leftist media have not stopped in their desire to inject themselves into history, rather than just reporting it.

Interestingly, the media sat out their now-resumed effort to bring down a president during the most scandal-laden Administration of the modern era, that of Bill Clinton. And were it not for media and Hollywood pressure in the other direction, casting several acts of perjury as a private sexual matter to be dealt with by the Clintons themselves, he may have come close to removal after a Senate trial.

So to be very clear, Barone's observations are quite appropriate, as the left has cried wolf much too often. But the media's wolf crying seems to be done only against Republicans.


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