Friday, July 15, 2005

The Dems Want A Witch Hunt, Not An Answer

The Valerie Plame hubbub that needlessly fills out TV screens is complete foolishness on many levels, but I think it shows a couple of things about the arrogance and cluelessness of the Dems and their brothers in the MSM.

As I stated in an earlier post on the downfall of the Dems, national security is a loser of an issue for them. They don't understand it for the same reason that I don't understand the first thing about knitting. I don't care about it in the least, but unknowingly enjoy the results.

So when people like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer declare that Valerie Plame's "exposure" is a serious breach of national security, it really doesn't do much to dispel the very salient impression that they are absolutely lost on the issue. Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson are limousine liberals who hate George W. Bush which is why the Democrats care in the first place. Plame had not been on an assignment in over five years, so there goes the argument that a government objective was lost or that her safety was imperiled in the least. It was poor national security policy when the Dems in 2002 tried to put unionized government employees' interests over those of the Secretary of Homeland Security to hire and discharge employees as he saw fit. It was very bad national security policy when many Dems, including John Kerry, voted against (after he voted for) increased equipment for our soldiers. It was an extremely serious breach of national security to allow nuclear secrets at the Los Alamos laboratories to be leaked to China under the watch of Bill Clinton and current New Mexico governor Bill Richardson. Note that nobody was prosecuted for that and the full results may not be known for some time.

Bottom line - calling the Valerie Plame matter a national security issue, let alone a serious one reflects that the Dems have no idea what national security is. Remember, it's knitting to them.

But the involvement of Karl Rove in this whole mess is very helpful in our effort to decode what the Dems are really up to. And let me begin by saying that if his name was "Sidney Blumenthal" this would not be an issue at all.

The media is making a great deal of noise about having this matter investigated, and it is being investigated. But they are the very ones obstructing the investigation. Judith Miller just took up residence in a federal "hotel" because she would not reveal who had fingered Plame. And to be real clear, it wasn't Karl Rove. First, Rove alleviated the journalists of their confidentiality, so there is no way that Judy Miller is letting this go on as part of an exercise. And most importantly, does anyone think that the leftists at the New York Times would apply journalistic standards of confidentiality to Karl Rove? She's covering for someone, but we'll never really know what happened until Judy Miller or the NYT rolls over.

But in the meantime, Rove is under an illogical but media-fed cloud of suspicion. The cloud began to clear yesterday when the "nonpartisan" Joe Wilson appeared with the equally unbiased Charles Schumer to call for Rove's job. And then with this revelation courtesy of RealClearPolitics which indicates that Rove was told by reporters--not the other way around--that Wilson's wife worked at the CIA. So Rove is effectively out of the mix, given that reporters already knew who she was from another source. But you wouldn't know that from the bluster from the Dems.

The way things sit now is that the facts are in Rove's favor. He looks pretty clean and only confirmed what was already known. Judy Miller holds the keys, both to the mystery and to her own cell, so we won't resolve anything until she opens her mouth. But without a solution, the Dems can continue to demonize Rove as the sole cause of Plame's alleged "outing". They don't want this resolved. They want to be able to get a scandal on the Bush Administration.

And as I argued before, Joe Wilson, self-righteous, self-important, and self-promoting fool that he is, may indeed be the person whose identity she is hiding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you forgotten the nonsense that was the "Clinton Sex Scandal?" Both Repubs and Dems can act like petty idiots and yes neither party ever truly wants an answer- they just want to discredit the other side.
The debate on which party slings more mud boils down to the chicken or the egg question.

Anyway, I'm an optimist and I hope that one day politicians will return to law-making (or at least not much up the ones they already made).

5:08 PM  

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