Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Dems Need to End the Unity Talk

The Democrats are calling on Bush to nominate a judge who will bring America together and unite us. Which is like an arsonist complaining about the heat and blaming the fire department for the structure damage because they didn't get to his fire fast enough.

First, they want a liberal on the Court, not a unifier. So all of the unity talk means that they won't engage in spewing the partisan lava that they have already been doing about President Bush's as yet unnamed nominee if that person is another Stevens or Souter.

Second, judges and their decisions don't unify. I heard Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA), a fool, speaking this morning outside the White House where he made numerous suggestions which I will cover later, but chief among them that Brown v. Board of Education was a unifying decision. It was not. It was simply a long-delayed decision that actually interpreted the Constitution appropriately and spread the seeds of justice. It stirred up both sides and mobilized the civil rights movement which, while certainly having its effect on the legal environment, more than anything affected the moral environment, which was the hardest and most important work of all. But nonetheless it was divisive. Which has nothing to do with its righteousness.

But it is not the job of judges per se to encourage or discourage unity. It is their job to interpret the laws of the United States and the various states and apply them to the cases before them. Judges were not meant to be political figures in that respect.

I posted on this same faux unity issue after the election and after the Ukrainian election when Democrats and Viktor Yanukovych called after their respective elections for unity. The Dems did nothing but claim that Bush was an evil, dirty, rotten, liar taking us into a quagmire for oil interests, and was killing our men and women in uniform. They made the sexual orientation of Dick Cheney's daughter an issue, and jumped on the false issue of Bush's Texas Air National Guard service while Kerry was not releasing his own military file. Yanukovych's people were more to the point. They simply tried to kill Yuschenko.

But perhaps the Dems could switch their wording a bit and replace unity with the idea they really mean to use: "conformity". They are two very close concepts, but the former is a willing agreement, while the other is forced.

So spare us the talk of unity, those of you who spread division for political purposes. The hypocrisy is painfully transparent.


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