Friday, July 01, 2005

Dems Love Dean

This article provides a fun insight into the mind of rank and file members of the Democratic Party. And it's clear that they love Howard Dean. Again, that's one of the few areas where we agree.

The article quotes Bob Mullholland, the California Democratic party's wingnut spokesmen. You'll remember Mullholland as the classy gentleman who said that real bullets may be coming at Arnold Schwartzenegger for unseating Gray Davis as California governor in a unique and blitheringly angry recall election. Mulholland would often turn red as a beet and begin yelling on TV and radio interviews and make a classic fool of himself and the party he represented. Glad to see that he's still working in that capacity.

And so like lemmings to the waterside go the Democrats with Howard Dean leading.

Fare forward guys!


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