Thursday, July 21, 2005

Defining Wilson

Michael Barone (courtesy of RealClearPolitics) offers this assessment of Joe Wilson.

He likens him to a liar who brought down all of those taken with his false message. But the example Barone gives breaks down when it comes to Schumer's adoption by association of Joe Wilson.

Unlike Titus Oates, Wilson is already impeached by various individuals' statements, but more precisely by The Senate Intelligence Committee's report last year, finding among other things, that Valerie Plame recommended her husband, Joe Wilson, for the job in Niger, there was evidence that Saddam had tried to by uranium from Niger, Bush's State of the Union Claim was accurate, and a number of other revelations which made Wilson's claims seem to be more than simple fact errors.

And a year later, Schumer associates himself with the man, knowing that his word is not worth the air upon which its sound is carried, in an effort to hit Karl Rove and thereby the Administration. But the old saying that if you are in the business of throwing excrement, you will get some on you, is especially relevant. Wilson is already impeached on the matter of his wife's cover. We know she was not undercover. He said so. So it seems like Wilson and Schumer aren't just throwing it, they're rolling in it.

So something stinks when you get close to them.


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