Friday, July 01, 2005

Brian Williams - Saying Silly Things

Brian Williams is a great guy. He is also a patriot. I do not know him, but based upon what I hear from others, it seems that NBC has a class act running the show.

But this class act goofed last night when he compared the new president of Iran, a possible terrorist with our Founding Fathers. Williams asked Andrea Mitchell if this entire controversy about the president-elect being a possible captor to U.S. hostages in 1979 and 1980 would even matter (decent question), given that many of our early presidents were considered terrorists by the British. Very dumb. And I think it shows that the term terrorist has a bit of a sloppy definition in the minds of many in the MSM.

Certainly Washington, Jefferson and the like were not friends of the Crown. Certainly they worked to free the colonies from the grip of King George III. And yes, they engaged in a war to push the British out. They were tired of being vassals.

But they never made a point of attacking civilians, women, and children. They engaged in guerilla warfare with the British military. And while such tactics were not considered "gentlemanly" by the British, their soldiers were the targets, not their people. It also overcame the numbers of the British troops. Open field battles of the variety they wished to fight would no longer work. Also, Washington never sent people to England to set fire to the Tower of London, to Parliament, or to harm the King. We just wanted people out of our land.

Washington was a revolutionary, a rebel, and in the truest sense of the word (compared with the incorrect use of it today) an insurgent. But a terrorist he was not.

Brian Williams goofed. And it shows that there really is not a great sense of understanding of history among the media. His question as to whether the installation of this new Iranian president will mean anything is a valid one (look to the results of the installation of former KGB chief Vladimir Putin in Russia for the parallel).

It would be good for Brian Williams to clarify his remarks.

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