Friday, July 29, 2005

Bob Herbert Has Finally Lost It

Bob Herbert of the New York Times has run out of criticism for the Bush policies in Iraq, so he has decided to return to Michael Moore's bubbling cauldron of hate and lies, and wasted precious electricity, paper and ink to do it.

Here is his latest post. It's a must read, if only to figure out where the far left is going. We've gone back to "blood for oil". Have they run out of material that quickly?

His first sentence already has him going wrong. "It is now generally understood that the U.S.-led war in Iraq has become a debacle." Which is why there are so many calls from the general citizenry to pull out. I don't think so.

But in any case, his argument is essentially that an elected government could not possibly survive in Iraq. It's the typical leftist arrogance. Because they don't have Herbert's enlightenment, they couldn't possibly aspire to a democratically elected state.

Herbert gives a bunch of cute justifications of why we should never have opposed Saddam. Saddam was better at hiding WMD than we were at finding them, we supported him against Khomeini in the Iran-Iraq war (meaning we could never oppose him again, of course), and there was no link between Iraq and al Qaeda, despite Stephen Hayes' article "Case Closed" which did away with the silly argument that Herbert offers. Yet the favors his own ignorance over the facts.

But that's not the big point. Herbert, going past the quagmire statements and past the prayers that our effort in Iraq will fail, goes straight for the right wing cabal and Fahrenheit 9/11. He accuses the Republicans and "necons" of trying to take over the world's oil supply to create an American empire. Forgetting that that is exactly what Saddam Hussein tried to do in 1990, he makes it appear as if conservatives want to see Darths Cheney and Bush with the Emperor Buckley ruling the world. The only thing missing from this article is the word "Halliburton". This would be objectionable if it weren't so completely silly.

But it is bitter partisan screaming that detracts from the public debate. It is talk that indicates that these people WANT America to fail and want American servicemen to get killed.

Leftists like Bob Herbert want the facts in Iraq to equal their rhetoric (which they don't). And if you have relatives over there fighting, as I am about to, they want to watch them fail. They would love nothing more than another Vietnam with American blood liberally spilled.

And wait until the 300th serviceman dies in either Iraq or Afghanistan. At that point, they will trash the airwaves with screams that we lost as many people in these wars as we did in the 9/11 attacks, meaning that the number lost in the war exceeded the number we lost in the attack which gave the war its genesis, making it, for reasons known only to them, a waste. Because everyone knows that a war cannot lose more lives than the attack that started it...nobody ever accused the left of being rational. We lost 300,000 in World War II, despite losing over one-one thousandth of that at Pearl Harbor. Would that Hitler tried his effort in this day. The American left would make his work most easy.


Anonymous Kira Zalan said...

Our (gradually reduced) presence in Iraq will be required for the next five to ten years. There is a philosophy that militaries in democracies must adopt. A military force must understand itself to be a tool of the state, subjected to civilian power. The Iraqi military cannot be abandoned until we ensure that they have the necessary institutional ethos of protecting civilian power. An alternative to anarchy could also be a military coup by a self-perceived independent actor.

On the other hand, it seems the media is getting bored with Bush’s resolve. The topic of a troop withdrawal may be just that - a way to stir the pot.

I hope this isn’t just wishful thinking on my part. I hope there are people that understand the consequences of an early withdrawal, and will withstand the mounting pressure of shortsightedness.

8:10 PM  

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