Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why Is Ed Klein Writing What Looks Like A Smut Story?

This is not good.

Bill Clinton is having affairs. The sun is rising. The Pope remains Catholic. Dogs sniff one anothers' posteriors. Relevance?

Dick Morris agrees. If Klein wrote a bedroom book, good for him. It's a waste of paper, and the readership will dry up. Everyone knows that Bill Clinton is an alley cat. No question. I find these claims highly credible. But as in the posts below, Michael Schiavo is widely believed to be scum. It doesn't translate to his late wife. If anything, it generates sympathy for her. I doubt I will waste my time or my cash on this work of abject silliness.

And I doubt that this will generate a lawsuit. If Hillary sues the guy and loses (which she likely would), it makes her look dumb, and gives the charge a life that it didn't deserve. Her failure to sue only makes Klein's claims more salient. But this misses a bigger point.

I believe that Hillary Clinton is a phony. Dick Morris has the goods on her and knows that she is profoundly unfit for office. But why bother releasing a book with probably true, but nonetheless wholly irrelevant and embarrassing revelations that tell us nothing about her qualifications for office?

Unless of course Ed Klein is doing it to generate sympathy to derail highly pertinent criticism which may be leveled against her in the future. That I could buy.


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