Monday, June 06, 2005

When the Democrats Want a Law-Abiding Judge

Here's a post from the Seattle Times on the Washington Governor's race court battle. I don't like the result, but the judge claims he did the right thing with what he had. He believes he followed the law.

But that's not what Democrat Christine Gregoire wanted last year. She wanted judges who ignored the law in favor of the false mantra that "every vote should be counted" regardless of its legality or whether it was procured by fraud. But the fact that the judge couldn't see that Gregoire's 129 vote victory margin which came ahead of Rossi's count only after activist courts ignored law and allowed in ballots which would never have happened if it were requested by Republicans.

Granted, I wasn't there and I didn't hear all of the evidence. But it seems to me that the Democrats scored a big win here. And there's a big lesson which they are taking home: the courts are the final arbiter of close elections where Democrats initially lose in the vote count.

2006 should be fun.


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