Friday, June 17, 2005

Stop Expecting Durbin to Apologize

There are few things that I dislike more than phony words of goodwill. A fake apology, for social purposes only is equally distasteful. Apologies were meant to be expressions of true regret for a wrong done, not a socially appropriate means of excusing an unremorseful individual.

Which brings me to Dick Durbin. Per yesterday's post, Durbin MEANT what he said, and refused to back off of those comments stating that these were the acts of repressive regimes.

I think the calls for Durbin to apologize are a waste of air. Dick Durbin is not running for Senate again until 2008. He is not in the running for the presidency. He has no need to make these remarks to stir the Democrats' radical leftist base--unless he really means them.

I would rather he save a faux apology and just come out and admit that he is soft on terror, and that he has minimal respect for our soldiers or the need to extract information about terrorist operations against our interests. The only legitimate way to interpret his words and his further clarification of them yesterday is that Durbin prefers that our enemies be comforted than we be safe.

But I think the least thing we should expect is a censure from the Senate. We expect that people holding high elective office would actually be pro-American, rather than engaging in reckless talk that deliberately mischaraterizes our duty under the Geneva Convention and likens our soldiers to the SS, Khmer Rouge, and the KGB. Either Durbin is stupid and does not know of what he speaks (thereby disqualifying him from office), or he really means it (again, disqualifying him). In any case, we cannot let this go.

Nor can we excuse other Democrats from remaining silent. I am urging my two Senators (Mikulski and Sarbanes, both liberal Democrats) to completely disavow Durbin's comments. And I strongly urge those of you red-staters with blue Senators to do the same. Go to and locate your Senators there. And I am also encouraging Senator Frist to bring a censure resolution to the floor. He can be reached at that same website.

Because Trent Lott was booted from leadership when he made an off-hand remark about a 100 year old Senator who was his friend, that the left used to accuse him of racism. The same standard should apply to the Democrats. And its time that they be called to account for the truly treasonous language which they allow to emanate from their mouths and pens.


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