Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Stop Asking Durbin to Apologize

Bill Frist may actually be responding to pressure from conservatives to move against Dick Durbin. He has called upon Durbin to apologize, and sent a letter to Harry Reid (D-NV) to get him to put pressure on Durbin. Reid apparently rebuffed Frist, which is no surprise.

Talking to a few friends who know, they believe that Frist will likely let this one roll off his back, which is no surprise either. Frist speaks softly and carries no stick.

But everyone needs to stop asking Durbin to apologize. He has no need to apologize. Apologies mean that one is sorry for a wrong done, and there is no reason to believe that he is, given that his subsequent statements have only deepened his commitment to his original comments on the Senate floor. An apology would only put the matter to bed, as the media will back off of the story, allowing Durbin to get away with these destructive statements.

Frist need not make any further solicitations for apologies. He needs to immediately push for a censure resolution as Durbin meant to slander the military and has no respect for our fighting men and women. And the Democrats will likely filibuster that too. Check the post above.


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