Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Rossi's Loss, Political Gain

Dino Rossi, the original winner of the Washington State gubernatorial election lost in court and, in an unheard of development, has decided not to appeal.

But he has done a very effective job of communicating to the people of Washington (and the nation for that matter), the fact that the election was likely stolen by the Democrats and the judges who sympathized with them, allowing illegal votes to be counted. It's not as if he hadn't been declared the winner. He beat Gregoire by a very small margin. She managed to come ahead by an equally small margin after the re-re-recounts. He defended--and lost--his office. There is nothing sleazy about fighting that in court.

But Rossi's stock may be on the rise for 2006 when Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) is up for re-election. Cantwell very, very narrowly defeated Republican incumbent Slade Gorton in 2000, and may have difficulty running against a candidate who appears to be the victim of election theft.

It would be a wise move for Rossi who previously indicated that he would not run for Senate (given the pendency of this litigation, he would be a fool to say that he would). To put it differently, it would give the Democrats a decent look at what happens when you play games with an election in a blue state turning a bit more purple of late.

Don't give up Dino.


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