Friday, June 10, 2005

The Politics of 9/11

It's the morning of September 11, 2001. And disaster has just struck. The second plane has just hit at the World Trade Center. The orange glow of the fireball is turning to grey smoke. People are screaming, running, on their cell phones calling loved ones because there is the heavy presence of death in the air. Then the skyline changes. The top of one of the world's tallest towers breaks off and falls to the ground. And then with eerie precision, the other joins it, collapsing into the earth. People are fleeing Manhattan Island for their lives.

The rest of us watch it on TV, screaming for it all to stop, as reports both true and false come in about other attacks underway that day.

And amid our horror and tears, amid the anger and feelings of powerlessness, there is a whiny voice explaining to all who will listen that it is all our fault. The person talks about how the United States had this coming, because we support Israel, because we have done nothing for the Palestinians, because we have not done anything to equalize economic injustice in the world, because we have failed to give enough foreign aid, because we did not join the Hague, because we failed to ratify the Kyoto Treaty, because we invaded Iraq in 1991, because we dare to be the best...we had this coming and this is our just penalty.

Of course, we heard almost none of that on that day, as it would have been wholly inappropriate for such evil twaddle to be uttered, but the radical left's blame-America-first crowd made their irritating voices heard fairly quickly thereafter. And now that we are not in the immediate grief of those moments, these America-loathers feel that it is time to permanently show that America is the world's bad guy in the context of the Ground Zero memorial. But such obscene commentary is no more appropriate now than it would have been on that epochal day, and it is an insult to the memories of the people who risked and sacrificed their lives that day to allow the people peddling this filth to be the lone voice framing the events of 9/11/01.

It was to be a memorial about how our best came out on a day that dealt us the worst. How ordinary people did extraordinary things. How a terror attack roused a nation, and reminded us that this nation, made up of all kinds of folk, does great things when called to do so. And it will contain those things--in the basement level.

The memorial will contain 300,000 square feet. Just barely over 16% (50,000 square feet) of that will be devoted to the event that actually took place there. Much like the largely aborted Enola Gay exhibit at the Smithsonian, rather than being steeped in an experience of the history of the particular event, the memorial is being designed to promote a minority political view of the issues which these leftists feel surround the War on Terror.

Deborah Burlingame, sister of the pilot whose plane was flown into the Pentagon, is not letting this grotesque historical revision go unchecked or unnoticed. In this excellent WSJ article, she details the plans for the memorial. And there now exists an organization devoted to stopping the radical left from having creative control over this memorial. Visit the site linked here, and make your voice heard.

Because that memorial is about our people. It is not about someone else's version of America. And while many in the radical blame-America-first crowd may hold U.S. citizenships, they are doing something completely un-American. There is no rational explanation for why a gang of terrorists murdered thousands of Americans on that day. We didn't ask for it. And terror is not expression which requires any civil response or consideration. But the constant effort on the part of these serial enablers is to justify acts of violence, and thereby cast the aggressor as the victim.

I want to go to visit that memorial. But I won't bother to darken the door if its sole purpose is to regurgitate leftist propaganda. It's still not ok to blame America first.


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