Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Newsworthiness of the President's Speech

The networks, in this era of reruns, are wondering whether to air the President's speech. This item from Drudge sheds a bit of light as to the rationale. While NBC is airing an all new retarded incarnation of the putrid "Average Joe" reality series where average joes with character reliably lose the girl to personality-free male models, the rest of the networks are unleashing the painful reruns of the season.

The president is keeping his mouth shut about just what he will say, but the networks fear that he will be staging a rally that benefits him more than the American people. And that's a fine concern. But look at it this way:

We are in a war. The president needs to communicate the status of it to the people, mantra and rhetoric free, so that concerns that we are bogged down in an intractable quagmire can be answered. If he offers nothing but a rally, it'll be seen as a stunt. If he gives us details we didn't have before that paint an accurate picture of a tough but very certainly winning engagement, it's material the American people can use to decide for themselves the validity of this war. Granted, most of the network chiefs are no fans of the President, but it is important that Americans develop an understanding of this war they are fighting. The MSM does a very good job of showing us death tolls that talk the war down, but we get no idea of what the scorecard looks like.

If we're winning, that's important. If we're losing, that is equally important. And yes, more important than watching a goofy but nice guy get his heart trounced on by some model who plays him for a few weeks then disregards him like stuff that has been in the refrigerator 6 months too long.


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