Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More on the WTC Memorial

The Folks at TakeBacktheMemorial.org, have put together this bit of rebuttal to the International Freedom Center's claims that their memorial will be an unobtrusive, teeny-tiny apolitical exhibit.

The truth is that when one discusses Nazism, segregation, Soviet Communism and other matters, as they admit they will do, politics enters the equasion. Certainly, 9/11 has vast political implications of its own, but the day itself, the destruction, the people lost, the heroes, the reconstruction--the stories of the site and event alone--can very easily be told without any political spin, unless of course someone considers "spin" to mean casting the people who came to the rescue as great individuals rather than, as the left often suggests, taking a neutral view of such things.

I don't want to get a "message" from going there. Make your movie, sell your tickets, and those who care to waste their money and addle their brains will go to see it. When I enter that place, I want the experience of having "been there" to experience the gravity of the loss; the hallowedness of the site.

If the left cannot take their hands off of this, but insist upon using their wealth of wisdom to teach us some historical lesson by tying centuries of events together to talk about "hatred", "intolerance", etc. the point of the memorial is lost. I want to enter the memorial with all of my biases, witness the facts at the place where they happened, and then walk out affected by what I saw, not by someone's opinion of what I should be seeing. And I hope that people on the left do the same.

But injecting opinion into the memorial is the same old tired effort of the left. We do not need their version of history which emphasizes racism, feminism, pacifism and socialism. Because on that day we weren't thinking about Jim Crow, Plessy v. Ferguson, Nazi Germany, Roe v. Wade, Clarence Thomas, or Bush v. Gore.

We were sobbing as we watched our people be murdered before our eyes. We want to come to terms with it and understand it by seeing it firsthand. And we're intelligent enough that we don't need the help of the left to do it.


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