Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kos Belli

The more I read Daily Kos, the more I am convinced that the left cannot engage in any intellectual discussion, and must emphasize every point by dropping the F-bomb all throughout their writing. Not that I'm a saint in this regard, but intelligent debate requires candor, and these folks lack it.

They also seem to lack any concern for the entirely of the facts, to wit, this post. Kos makes the point that the lack of applause was a sign that the soldiers present were refusing to applaud the President. And that is hogwash, and he knows it.

I was watching the same Fox News he was when they reported that the soldiers were directed not to applaud by their superiors, taking orders from the White House. The one bit of applause was indeed caused by White House aides, but Carl Cameron made a point to state that the soldiers began applauding because they thought they could, after hearing the applause behind them. Bush didn't want a rally, he wanted a real policy speech uninterrupted by cheering.

And note the reception he received after the speech. He walked off the stage and greeted the soldiers one by one, all of whom wanted a piece of him. Failing to applaud, but wanting a picture with him? Please.

No Kos, he hasn't lost the respect of the military. They were following his orders. The left's desperation evidenced by their willingness to twist any story to undermine this president is staggering.

Conservatives couldn't do a better job at sinking you guys than you are doing yourselves. Thanks for the help and keep up the good work!


Blogger Terry G. said...

Was this a random sample of the military at Fort Bragg? Was it entirely one platoon, battalion, etc. (forgive me if I don't know the approriate grouping for that sized audience)? Bush rarely appears in front of a crowd that has not been screened. So, to extrapolate the military's support for Bush based on the participants at this staged speech cannot be considered accurate, either for or against.

Frankly, enlisted men should be supportive of the Commander-in-Chief. If it were otherwise, I'd be concerned about the type of soldiers comprising our military. Soldiers are trained to kill, no questions asked.

Let's not confuse support of the president by enlisted men as a validation of the soundness of the president's policies.

5:13 PM  

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