Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kerry's Records

He actually released them! Check this post from Tom Bevan at RealClearPolitics. It seems that the records are full of information that might have actually worked against the swift boat veterans, including statements from some of them that Kerry wasn't so bad after all. Glowing reports from superiors and other documents that would never have hurt him.

So why they heck did he take forever to release the documents when it actually could have given him the win? Why did he refuse when Tim Russert offered him the form on Meet the Press well after the election? He offered some paltry explanation upon this release of records that essentially said that he would not dignify Republican calls for same with a response. Which is plainly stupid.

Tom asks why the wait. This may be an answer. I have no way of knowing, but I wonder if Kerry was awaiting the expungement of records which may have revealed a discharge that was less than an "honorable discharge" or more. It's an explanation that makes sense given the defensiveness and delay, even after the election (as Kerry has made clear that he's still on the campaign).

So perhaps it would help if Kerry would allow the release of any expunged documents, or records indicating that expungement took place, if it did indeed take place.

Because the story just doesn't wash Senator.


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