Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Kerry's Cover-up

Powerline has a post about John Kerry's service records that is in line with my suggestion yesterday that he had the records somehow expunged or otherwise "cleansed".

One thinks that a brainy guy like Kerry would have figured that years of stonewalling would not make sense once a glowing file was revealed. This Clintonian bit of trickery fooled nobody. It stands to reason that Kerry's file contains something less than perfect, like everyone else on the planet. If he received an administrative discharge or some reflection of poor conduct given his work with the North Vietnamese after he left active duty but was still in the reserves, it likely would have surprised nobody. A few "ah has!" to be sure, but it would be priced in for 2008. He could have then said that he was proud of his service nonetheless, but was pretty dopey after he left active duty, and then could have gone into his distaste for what he saw in the war and how angry U.S. policy made him. When he was young and stupid he was young and stupid. Heard that before? It would have fit with everything else we know.

But obfuscation generates heightened interest. And dissatisfying answers invite further inquiry. But the worst part is that it makes potentially difficult fact patterns much more easily understandable because there is time to digest details.

Bad move Senator.


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