Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Intellectual Left and the Bible

The History Channel is a normal staple in out home, but yesterday , the humanistic/agnostic undercurrents which govern programming broke new ground in the area of intellectual suicide with one of their specials about the history of the Bible.

The show was "UFOs in the Bible" from the "UFOs: What You Didn't Know" series. The thesis of the show was that many miraculous events in the Bible can be very easily explained by the activity of UFOs. Moses was up on the mountain for forty days, and there was a bright light and thunder. And the conclusion was that he was aboard a UFO. So spacemen gave us the Ten Commandments. Genius!

I have been around theologians who have tried to explain away the miraculous occurrences by attributing them to easily understood physical and chemical changes in the environment. Moses crossed the Red Sea at an extremely low tide, not the result of the waters being held back. Jesus didn't rise from the dead, but rather "swooned". He passed out on the cross, and recuperated while in the grave, came out and then "reappeared" to the disciples and others. And there are a litany of others. These are all efforts to explain away the possibility of the miraculous influence of God, and there is nothing at all new about it.

But the unbelievable act of bringing UFOs into the picture to explain away some of the more supernatural features of the Bible is an entirely new and embarrassingly ridiculous approach to the Bible. From believing in a creator, we have moved to replacing him with comic book characters. Which is somehow more intellectually defensible.

The easiest and least ridiculous thing would be to actually believe the words of the Bible, namely that a supernatural creator, one who defies our scientific understanding, transcended the laws of nature to make His will done.

But that's just quaint and silly, isn't it?


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